The Stepsisters are back for our Christmas special! Yep - we have a Christmas special. Put on your ugly Christmas sweater, reindeer headbands, and Santa hats and join us!

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Everyone knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of terrible customer service.  Knowing that, what kind of customer service do you give as a blogger or in your business? Join us on May 14th at 9 as we discuss our customer service dreams and nightmares, and share yours with us @stepsistersblog on Twitter using the hashtag #giveandget.

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We're back! We missed you... We have had one heck of a winter, but it's spring now.... the last of the snow is melting, and we are ready to talk sandals and scandals! Let's start of fresh this spring and talk about what we love as we head into the next season of fabulousness! Watch live on or right here and tweet us during the show at @stepsistersblog, @fromraewithlove, @socamomdc, @shaiunfiltered, and @girlmeetsglass with the hashtag #StepIntoSpring.

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Part of the "The StepSisters Present: Banned! See-Saws, Dodge Ball, and Merry Go Rounds #Surly2014" Show

Did you notice that you don't find seesaws or merry go rounds on the playground anymore? Concrete has been replaced with recycled tires and wood chips under the playground equipment, and dodge ball has been outlawed. The StepSisters talk about the whys, hows, and consequences of the softening of our children.

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