Teen Sues Parents for Child Support #GirlBye - Best of the StepSisters Show


Part of the "The StepSisters Present: Banned! See-Saws, Dodge Ball, and Merry Go Rounds #Surly2014" Show

New Jersey cheerleader, honor student, and high school senior, Rachel Canning of Lincoln Park sued her parents, saying they are refusing to pay for her private high school and college education. She says they threw her out. They say she left because they wouldn't put up with her behavior that included drinking, breaking curfew, and keeping company with an inappropriate boy.

Rachel wants her parents to pay the rest of her tuition for her private high school, her living and transportation expenses for the foreseeable future, pay for her college education, and pay her legal bills.

In the words of our stepsister, Tanisha, "Girl, bye." Enjoy this "Best of the StepSisters Show" moment from the #Surly2014 show. Tell us what you would do in the comments.