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Eva Greene Wilson is an award winning Caribbean parenting blogger, author, Creative Director for the family IT firm, wife, and homeschooling mother of three. She started her blog, SocaMom.com in 2011. Her writing has been featured on BlogHer, Outlish.com, and in print in b3 Caribbean Magazine. She started writing on her second blog, EvaLoves.com in 2013. Sound like a lot? It is. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, but only has time for short ones.

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  1. Day Twenty: Unreal

    The last entry I did was Day Five: Surprise. Knowing me, it is quite possible that I just quit after day five, right? Well I didn't. I have been sharing my progress over on Instagram through my stories! Every single day, I talk about what I eat - every meal - and how I exercise. I have managed to make some real progress!

  2. Day Five: Surprise

    The most shocking thing that has happened in the last five days happened to us at lunch time today. Today's lunch was supposed to be leftovers, but they loved the stew from day four so much that there wasn't enough for lunch today. I moved on to the dinner recipe, the one that I have been most skeptical about... cheese-less quesadillas.

  3. Day Four: Groove.

    Finding my groove with this thing is going to be important. Right now, I don't have any real issues other than I would rather everything be french fries that what it is. Celery sticks... size and shape of fries, but definitely not fries. 

  4. Day Three: Improvise.

    As you probably saw in my Instagram story, my husband went HAM (funny since this is a vegan thing *cue canned laughter*) in the grocery store. I sent him the list from the 21 Day Vegan website for the first week, and he got everything on it (except artichokes, which they didn't have) and then some. His support is going to be crucial. While he didn't miss anything on the list, there are some things that I forgot.

  5. Day Two: Reality.

    I am really coming to terms with the fact that I am going to do this. I get countdown emails from the 21 Day Vegan program because they start on Monday.  My husband just bought a whole lot of oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, pita bread, whole wheat tortillas, and a few other items to get me going the first week. Money has been spent. This is happening.